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Process Technology

Process Technology is the leader in the design and manufacture of superior process heating and cooling equipment serving a variety of industries. Our products include electric immersion heaters, inline heaters, heat exchangers and temperature controls.

Coils and Heat ExchangersProcess Technology's industrial heat exchangers and heating and cooling coils are designed for the high demands of corrosive chemical heating.  A wide variety of standard and custom configurations are available. 
Electric Immersion HeatersProcess Technology electric immersion heaters are designed for a spectrum of industrial applications - from water to the demands of corrosive chemical heating, with a vast array of configurations available such as open tank, screw plug and flange.
Heater AccessoriesProcess Technology offers accessories to assist in the proper installation and operation of our product lines.
Inline Water HeatersSearching for the safest and most reliable inline water heater on the market? Look no further than TytanTM by Process Technology.
Temperature and Liquid Level ControlsProcess Technology offers an extensive assortment of cataloged and custom temperature controls and industrial thermostats for precise control of heaters and heat exchangers.  From simple control packages to complex central control stations, our team of engineers can design a control specifically to your application requirements.


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