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Instrumentation enclosures - ultra-strong yet light and durable INTERTEC offers six standard enclosure ranges for protecting field-mounted equipment. The range of form factors and installation features, combined with the choice of sizes, allows optimal and cost-effective environmental protection to be configured easily for virtually any instrumentation or control application.

The enclosures are made from a special high-performance grade of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). This fire-resistant material is very stable, almost immune to damage from chemical and petrochemical media, and has a strength that almost matches stainless steel - for just a quarter of the weight! (See INTERTEC's GRP material.)
  • MULTIBOX (top or bottom tube entry)
  • DIABOX™ (rear or bottom tube entry)
  • MINIBOX 21 (for direct mounting)
  • UNIBOX (bottom tube entry)
  • MESC enclosure (meeting Shell standards)
  • BASIC VARIO (rear or top/side tube entry)

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