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For process applications that require high-performance measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, level and analytical variables, Foxboro-Eckardt Field Devices offer high accuracy, long-term stability and field-proven robustness in the toughest applications. 

Unlike other instrumentation, Foxboro products are shaped by more than 100 years of experience in industries such as refining, chemicals, oil & gas, power generation, food, paper, mining and more. For the past 100-plus years, Foxboro products have been applied throughout millions of successful installations.

Electrochemical MeasurementFoxboro offers a robust lineup of liquid analytical instrumentation to a wide range of industries.  Industry leading sensors and analyzers will easily handle the toughest conductivity, pH, ORP and dissolved oxygen applications.  
Flow DevicesFoxboro flow devices are suited for the toughest liquid and gas measurements.  Flow technologies including DP, Vortex, Coriolis and Magnetic meters will cover every application that comes your way.
Pneumatic TransmittersFoxboro pneumatic transmitters are the industry standard.  These instruments have been field proven through years of experience.  They are precise, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of materials.
Pressure TransmitterThe Foxboro family of pressure transmitters covers a broad range of pressure and level uses, including differential, gauge, absolute and multivariable measurements, as well as remote seal and flanged level.
Temperature TransmitterFoxboro temperature transmitters combine microprocessor-based technology with advanced packaging resulting in high reliability, maximum flexibility and exceptional intelligence.


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