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Stream Select Valves

CIRCOR Tech's Diaphragm Valves incorporate a unique metal-to-metal seal which provide the safest barrier between the process steam and the environment. There are no dynamic o-rings, lubricants, or packing materials to jeopardize this critical seal.

Key Features

  • Metal-to-Metal seals, no fugitive emissions
  • 1-2 million cycles without required maintenance
  • No dynamic O-rings, springs, or lubricant in wetted flow path
  • Extremely low wetted surface area
  • Extremely low internal volume for fast purge time
  • Replaceable valve seats

Versions are available

  • DV1 Series: 2-way
  • DV5 Series: 3-way switching
  • DBB Series: Double-Block-and-Bleed
  • DSV Series: GC valve normally closed with atmospheric reference
  • DSS Series: GC valve normally open with atmospheric reference
  • DBA Series: GC maniforld assembly with DBB and DSV valves

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