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Thermo Scientific

Industry leading quality and accuracy for reliable process monitoring and control across a broad range of water and wastewater applications, Thermo Scientific™ Orion has the most complete, reliable solution available in the marketplace today. With decades of experience, Thermo Scientific™ Orion has a broad offering of easy-to-maintain on-line instrumentation, and high-quality prepared reagents, and reagent-free sensors measuring the broadest range of test parameters in the industry.

Ammonia AnalyzersThermo Scientific Orion 2110XP Ammonia Analyzer provides continuous, direct and precise measurements for the control and optimization of boiler ammonia levels. Reduce operational costs while producing the highest purity steam with ease of use for results that only the Orion 2110XP can provide.
Chlorine XP Analyzer
Thermo Scientific™ Orion Chlorine XP is a truly innovative water quality analyzer that measures free, total and both free and total chlorine along with pH and temperature. It is designed to improve process efficiencies and provide objective measurements to meet rigorous regulatory standards. This new analyzer embodies the same quality and performance standards for which our Orion process analyzers are well known.
Dissolved Oxygen, pH/ORP, and Conductivity AnalyzersThermo Scientific™ Orion offers a variety of analyzers to continuously monitor dissolved oxygen, ph/orp and conductivity levels. Designed for the highest accuracy and performance - our systems have flexible measurement parameters for single, dual or combined inputs.
Fluoride AnalyzersThermo Scientific Orion Fluoride Analyzers offers accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use to best meet the demands for fluoride analysis. Maximizes uptime and keeps your plant in perfect operation by offering unmatched versatility and performance.
Low-Level Chloride AnalyzersThermo Scientific Orion 1817LL Low-Level Chloride analyzer used to monitor boiler water and boiler blow down, an excellent indicator of costly condenser leaks.
Silica AnalyzersThermo Scientific™ Orion Silica Analyzers for monitoring silica in boilers and demineralizers.
Sodium AnalyzersThermo Scientific Orion 2111XP Sodium analyzer offers unmatched reliability in analyzing critical sample streams throughout the power/steam generation and industrial water industry.
Water AnalyzersThermo Scientific™ AquaPro Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer provides accurate, user-friendly in-line monitoring of process applications — from power generation to municipal water and wastewater.


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