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Schneider Electric - Telemetry

The Telemetry and Remote SCADA Systems offering from Schneider Electric offers an unrivaled line of products that enable our partners to monitor, capture, and control their most important assets.

AccutechFully integrated, battery-powered, rapid-deployable wireless instrumentation for measuring and monitoring data in challenging environments.
ClearSCADAIntegrated scalable SCADA Software optimized for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure with secure and reliable capabilities and seamless connectivity to business and IT systems.
RadiosDesigned to provide complete, versatile and reliable system solutions for long range wireless data communications in wide range of SCADA and telemetry applications.
Realift Rod Pump ControlRealift™ Rod Pump Control provides advanced, intelligent Rod Pump Solutions for artificial lift applications.  Providing cutting edge data gathering and control, RealiftTM enables clients to optimize production, reduce costs, and provides a platform to automate the wellsite in a single hardware solution.  
RealStreamThe RealStreamTM Lift Station Solution is a fully configurable sewage lift station controller with local display. Remote access is provided via DNP3 with optional Secure Authentication, or Modbus both via Ethernet and/or serial (232/485).
SCADAPackThe SCADApack is a Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of a Programmable Logic Controller and is designed to run in the most challenging remote environments while being powered from solar panels, batteries or wind turbines.


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