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Mid-West Instrument is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality instrumentation including differential pressure gauges/switches, pulsation snubbers, pressure limiting valves, averaging pilot tubes, portable flow measurement and backflow prevention device test kits and more.

Utilizing the latest CAD system software, Mid-West has the capabilities to develop original designs as well as custom gauges to the customer’s specifications. Featuring a third-party certified quality assurance program, Mid-West Instrument provides customers with the absolute highest quality, reliable and effective differential pressure and testing products.

Backflow Test Kits / Flow Test Kits Mid-West offers a high accuracy portable test kit for flow indication and leak detection – or a more rugged medium accuracy portable test kit.
Differential Pressure GaugesDifferential Pressure is sensed by the movement of a precisely ground floating piston/magnet in a precision bore against a calibrated spring.
Differential Pressure Manifolds3 & 5 valve manifolds are designed for applications where direct mounting to an instrument is impractical or undesirable. The manifold is mounted to the lines from the instrument and signal rather than directly to instrument.
Flow MeasurementMid-West Instrument is proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with VERIS Inc. to supply their averaging pitot tube in place of our Delta Tube.
Protectors / SnubbersThe Model 150 "Vari-Damp®”  pulsation dampener features both a fine thread needle valve for adjusting dampening characteristics and a Precision Controlled Flow Rate Ball Check to block line surges, shock waves, or fluid hammer.  The Model 200 "Gauge Minder” features a pressure limiting valve that blocks off excess pressure to the instrument.


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