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The BLH brand is well-established as a manufacturer of high-quality and high-accuracy weighing systems with unparalleled 50-years experience in weighing technology. BLH was first to introduce the commercial strain gage, and pioneered many classic designs of industrial load cells.

BLH has a product line of uniquely engineered load cells that are designed to maximize accuracy and minimize the effects of mixing, agitation and temperature changes in critical process weighing stages. Its signal conditioners and process control systems are designed to comply with the stringent requirements of the chemical, steel, food and pharmaceutical industries, and offer a wide variety of communication protocols used in complex production lines.

Instruments - Weighing and ForceWe are continually developing new instrumentation and transmitters to bring you the state-of-the-art for weighing and force measurement.

Load Cells and Force Transducers Offering a wide variety of load cells and force transducers, ranging from the unique KIS load cell and weigh module to the VPG transducers range of products.
Motion and Force ControlOffering cylinders, actuators, controllers, cabinets and many more standard and non-standard products supporting our web tension, strip tension, and other force control systems.
PressureThe P9420 pressure transmitter series is purpose-built for the offshore industry. We offer two different versions of the transmitter pressure connection, hammer union and multiple connections.
Web and Strip TensionOur web and strip tension products can handle any range of force from high to low in a wide range of industries, including the metal, paper, and converting industries.
Weighing and Force AccessoriesWe offer weighing and force measurement accessories supporting our systems. These include junction boxes, power supplies, cables, calibrators, communication devices, load cell testers, large displays, and software applications.


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