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High Purity Liquid Filtration

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Entegris provides a full line of filters to solve a wide variety of contamination control challenges for Point of Use, Point of Tool, Facilities Distribution & Chemical Manufacturing. The Entegris liquid filtration line includes well-known brands such as Torrento, Quickchange, Optimizer, Fluorogard, Impact 2, Planargard, Wafergard, Guardian, Protego, Intercept, Microgard & Savana.

These products incorporate membranes such as surface modified Fluoropolymers, PTFE, UPE, PVDF, PES & Polypropylene.

  • Wet Etch & Clean - Aggressive Acids & Bases - High Concentrations, Elevated Temperature
  • CMP Slurry - Distribution, Point of Use & Point of Tool
  • CMP Brushes - reduced defectivity, quicker startup
  • CMP Brushes - reduced defectivity, quicker startup
  • Photolithography - Developer, Photo Resist, Resist Stripper
  • Impact 8G advanced, critical lithography, rapid priming, improves bubble clearance, reduce COO
  • Electroplating - Cu & Ni Plating, reduced potential for microbubble formation
  • Solvent Filtration - Organic
  • DI Water & Ozonated DI

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