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Custom Fab

Custom Fab Solutions has provided specialty fabricated components and products for more than 40 years to the demanding and ever-changing semiconductor industry. By delivering the exact technology demanded by this industry, Custom Fab Solutions has developed processes, value added services and equipment to meet rigorous requirements. We have used our experienced knowledge gained in high purity markets to serve other key technology industries.

Building on that extensive knowledge base and a foundation of quality and customer satisfaction, we continue to expand and grow the services and capabilities of the company. Custom Fab Solutions has unique positions in:Bio-Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Photovoltaic, Disk drive, and Micro-electronics markets. Like many fabrication companies, we can create just the piece you need for your product, from concept to completion, including quality inspection, functional testing and packaging to your specifications.

Contract ManufacturingCustom Fab Solutions is a premier contract manufacturer and custom fabricator of components, sub-systems, and equipment. Our 40 plus years of experience in mechanical/electrical assembly, metal machining, plastic machining, and specialty welding give customers a highly qualified source for prototyping or mass production of components, replacement parts and/or systems.
Fabrication and ServicesCustom Fab Solutions is a unique contract fabrication/manufacturing company with a history dating to the founding of the semiconductor industry over 40 years ago. The company has specialized expertise in high purity plastic and metals to support the Microelectronics, Renewable Energy (solar), Bio-pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage industries.
Systems for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Disk Drive, and NanotechnologyCustom Fab Solutionís environmentally controlled facility includes segregated plastic and metal machining, PFA fabrication, clean assembly and two Class 6 (1000) clean rooms.  Our core competencies include welding of High Purity Polymer PFA, High Purity Alloy, and Specialty Alloy.
Systems for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Products IndustriesCustom Fab Solutions metal fabrication products are manufactured to USDA or FDA guidelines from either 304 or 316L stainless steel and upon completion are cleaned, de-scaled, passivated, or electro-polished to ASTM standards.


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