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Andon Specialties


INTERTEC is a supplier of engineered solutions that protect instrumentation and control equipment against extremes of climate- via high performance GRP enclosures, shelters and heating or cooling components.

INTERTEC offers the most comprehensive range of instrument enclosures and field protection solutions available globally. The company has designed and shipped more than half a million protection systems worldwide to ensure the safe operation of instruments, analyzers, mobile phone and radar equipment, signaling plants, transmitters and many other installations.

Cabinets/SheltersProtective cabinets and shelters - for advanced performance in challenging environments INTERTEC has developed special fabrication techniques over decades for creating tough and durable cabinets and shelters for harsh operating environments such as oil, gas and chemical processing plants.
EnclosuresInstrumentation enclosures - ultra-strong yet light and durable INTERTEC offers six standard enclosure ranges for protecting field-mounted equipment.
Ex HeatersExplosion proof heaters - for hazardous area applications INTERTEC offers the broadest selection of explosion-proof heaters on the market, backed by an exceptional range of approvals
Non-Ex HeatersNon explosion proof heaters - for non-hazardous areas INTERTEC offers the broadest selection of non explosion-proof heaters on the market, backed by an exceptional range of approvals.
Shades/CanopiesSun shades and canopies - to protect instruments, enclosures, switches Shades can provide a high degree of protection to field equipment at very low cost.