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Andon Specialties

Bellows Pumps

Air-Operated Double Bellows Pumps

White Knight air-operated double bellows (AODB) pumps are recognized for quality and longevity and are capable of high pressures up to 7 BAR (100 PSI). WK Pumps can recover from deadhead situations without intervention. High temperature products are capable of handling chemistries at temperatures up to 200C (400F) and are capable of running dry without damage. White Knight pumps are designed to operate at red-line conditions in applications running 24/7 through the warranty period, with no required preventative maintenance. All White Knight bellows pumps feature 100% PTFE/PFA fluid paths
  • 100% Pure PTFE & PFA fluid path
  • No metal parts, no o-rings
  • No Leaking; Tongue & Groove Seals
  • Low Pulsation; No Rotating Parts
  • No lubrication in air shuttle or shift mechanisms
  • Robust bellows allowing for supply pressure of 100 PSI
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